How to Process

The following is the process of application and enrollment.
If you have any question, please ask us here.

  • STEP1. Contact WALE

    First, please ask WALES for our information from this website. Our staff will inform you about room availability and study abroad at WALES. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us.
  • STEP2. Application and Payment of Enrollment Fee

    Please inform us your choices of course, room type and schedule. In addition to those,you need to pay the enrollment fee as a payment in advance.
    * With your application and payment of enrollement fee, we can ensure your registration and your room.
  • STEP3. Payment on the Program

    Tuition fee, dormitory fee and meal fee are required to pay. After we confirm that the payment is completed, we will send you an acceptance letter.
    For more information about payment, please click here.
  • STEP4. Book the Flight Tichet

    Please inform us your flight schedude at least 10 days before your departure.
  • STEP5. Arrival in the Philippines and Pick up

    After arrival at the airport(Manila or Clark), we will pick you up and take you to Baguio. You can choose group pick up or personal pick up.
  • STEP6. Arrival at WALES

    After you arrive at WALES on Sunday, we will take you to the shopping center so that you can buy your daily necessities.
  • STEP7. The First Day of the School

    You will have an assesment examination and orientation on Monday, and your classes will start from Tuesday.
    *Sometimes the schedule changes depending on holidays.