To everyone who wants to
study abroad to WALES

There are two ways to apply for admission to WALES.

(1) Apply through the Website of WALES
Please fill out “the registration form” and send it.
We will check it and reply you afterwards.
If you have any question, please feel free to ask us thorough the application form(Other Requests).
* In the case we have no vacant room, we cannot provide you the room you want or you need to change your schedule. Therefore we would like to suggest you to confirm room vacancy in advance.
Check room vacancy here. (You can also ask and refer to other information.)
(2) Apply through agencies
To begin with, you need to apply an agency personally. Afterwards, we will send the invoice and other documents to that agency. We also will have a consultation before your departure.

*Check the schedule of application and enrollment on the page below.
How to Process