Business English

Business English

This course aims to prepare learners for working in a multicultural Business setting. It mainly focuses on common multicultural instructions and trainings and how they are relevant to everyday business practices in a globalized world. 

It also enhances learners multicultural understanding and will be able to use vocabulary, tone and style, and spoken and written communication skills within a multicultural Business context. 

Level: Elementary B
Total Class: 7 Classes a Day

Business English
Group ClassesFunctional Business Correspondence and Contracts– Analyzing and evaluating business writing contexts
– Creating and reviewing agreements
– Writing documents with an appropriate style for business communication purposes within a multicultural situation.
Article Reading– Reading a variety of business articles
– Understanding meaning from context and taking notes on important information
Listening– Following and understanding information from discussions, presentations, news reports and other business-related situations
– Developing notetaking skills and identifying the attitude of speakers talking about different business concepts
1:1Business Pitch
Delivering a speech/presentation with an appropriate style for business communication purposes within a multicultural situation.
Biz Talk 1
(Business Talks)
Giving, discussing and justifying student’s own opinions on different business topics.It provides student’s additional speaking opportunity with different interactive activities
Biz Talk 2
(Patterns and Opinions)
– Developing confidence, fluency and accuracy using various patterns necessary in business settings
– Identifying possible multicultural issues and misunderstandings in communication.
– Applying strategies to overcome possible cross-cultural issues and misunderstandings in communication.
Vocabulary BuilderIntroducing and applying general business vocabulary.