Moha (21)Male, Yemen

Student information:
– Name: MOHA
– Nationality: YEMEN
– Program: ESL
– Duration: 24 weeks

“To be able to learn a new language, you have to see it, listen to it, and speak it,” reas- suringly uttered Mo- hammed Abdulwali Ahmad Khashafa, in short, Moha.
This young man, who aspires to be a “secret agent”, deliberately explored his capabil- ities as he stepped into the Philippines. Fortu- nately, among all the schools in Baguio that he could have entered, he chose WALES. He was at ease to be welcomed by one of the school’s
agents, Rio, whose smiles gave him a heartfelt and inviting first impression. From then on, he knew he would feel at home at the academy.
He took the ESL Flexible program of the school where he was able to meet his 25 teachers in the span of 5 months. He believes that each person has their own unique qualities that he could learn from. They may come in a variety of faces but they can make learning an enjoyable and informative experience about life. They can bring out the best in you as much as amend the worst.
He saw how he and such things can be made better. He hopes to see WALES improve in the near future.