About us

Widest Asian Learners
English School
(WALES, Inc.)

The academy was established on December 4, 2006. Our goal is to provide high-quality English education to multinational students and to produce students who are internationally competitive with excellent communication skills. We put a special emphasis on speaking skills which can contribute to your future studies or jobs.

WALES Language Academy has continued to operate robustly amidst the challenging environment brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, establishing itself as a premier, high-quality language school in the Philippines. Additionally, its prime location in Baguio makes it the top choice for students looking for an exceptional language learning experience.

We have skilled teachers who can support you in improving your English. Students here are from various regions such as East Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and recently, Latin America. Therefore, you can make many friends from other countries and know their cultures.

WALES is located in Baguio, a mountain city north of Manila. There are a number of tourist spots that are attractive to nature-lovers, hikers, and climbers that are near the academy. Baguio has a cool climate so it is a cozy place to stay and study.

Studying abroad is a huge investment for yourself and your experiences depend on the place you choose. Choose Baguio! Choose WALES!

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