Tuition Fees

WALES’s fee system is divided into three patterns of tuition fee, dormitory fee, and dining fee. Students can choose to customize according to their living style, such as classes only(no stay, no meal), classes and stay(no meal), etc.


Registration Fee US$ 100 ( Non-Refundable / One-time payment )
Program Price(4weeks) Descrition
ESL ESL FLEXIBLE US$ 700 1:1 Classes- 5 hours
ESL US$ 840 1:1 Classes- 6 hours
Group Classes- 2 hours
REAL-TALK ESL US$ 920 1:1 Classes- 5 hours
Group Classes- 2 hours
IELTS PRE-IELTS US$ 890 1:1 Classes- 5 hours
Group Classes- 2 hours
IELTS US$ 940 1:1 Classes- 5 hours
Group Classes- 2 hours
IELTS INTENSIVEUS$ 1,0801:1 Classes- 8 hours
TEST TOEIC US$ 750 1:1 Classes- 5 hours
TOFLE US$ 980 1:1 Classes- 7 hours
INTERNSHIP US$ 920 1:1 Classes- 3 hours
Internship- 4 hours
JUNIOR US$ 980 1:1 Classes- 7 hours

* 4weeks basis
* In case of go to school only, please also choose course from the above.
* Parents of family course can choose “no classes” or above course.


Dormitory Type Price(4weeks) Facilities
Studio type Single ShareUS$ 730 /pax Bed, Desk, Chair, Cabinet, Refrigerator, Safety Box, Wifi, Bathroom, veranda
Twin ShareUS$ 470 /pax
Triple ShareUS$ 420 /pax
Apart TypeFull UnitUS$ 1,500 /unitLiving Room: TV, Sofa, Dining: Dining Table, Kitchen: Gas Stove, Refrigerator, semi cooking metrial, 2 bedrooms, veranda, cabinet, Wifi
Separate SingleUS$ 750 /pax
Ladies Premium Single Bedroom US$ 540 /pax 2nd floor, 5 bed rooms, 2 bathrooms, available kitchen.
* Only womaen
* 2 same-nationality students
Twin BedroomUS$ 420 /pax

* 4weeks basis
* School Dining, Utility fee are not included
* In case of applying with a meal, the following food expenses are necessary.

US$ 280 / 4 weeks
* Student can choose to obtain a weekly dining coupon


Title Price(PHP) Description
SSP P 6,300 Special Study Permit
VISA EXTENSION 8 weeksP 3,430 First 30days of arrival in the Philippines: No need to extend.
If it is beyond 30 days, visa extension at least 3 days before it expires should be processed. Price Depending on Nationality.
12 weeksP 8,140
16 weeksP 10,880
20 weeksP 13,620
24 weeksP 16,360
ACR I-Card P 3,300 Identification card for foreigners
Airport Pick Up Service
GroupP 2,500 /person Manila to WALES / One way only Group Pick up Only
IndividualP8,000 /person
Airport Pick Up Service
GroupP 1,000〜1,500 /person
(Only 1:00AM departure)
Clark to WALES / One way only Group Pick up Only
IndividualP5,000 /person
Utility Fee Studio-Single ShareP 3,000 /pax Electric, Water, Internet etc…
4weeks and we will charge over usage
Studio-Twin, Triple ShareP 1,500 /pax
Apart-Full UnitP 8,000 /unit
Apart-Separate SingleP 4,000 /pax
Ladies Premium
Single Bedroom
P 2,000 /pax
Ladies Premium
Twin Bedroom
P 2,000 /pax
Laundry Service Free Free up to 12kg (4 weeks)
Excess per kg / P 30
Books Around P 1,000 It depends on the level.
Dormitory Deposit P 3,000 Refundable

*The above is the cost to be pay locally (this payment is Philippine peso).
* If a student avails less than 4 weeks, fee would be divided by the number of weeks.
* If student’s usage exceeds from the fee above, there would be additional fee.
* If the student avails gas stove / refill the water in Apart type, Separate single and Ladies Premium, additional payment would be charged.


ESL Course 12 weeks(3 months) + Studio type-Twin share + meal service
(Tuition fee $840 + Dormitory fee $470 + dining fee $280) × 3 + Registration fee $100 = Total $4,870
IELTS Course 16 weeks(4 months) + Studio type-Single share (no meal)
(Tuition fee $940 + Dormitory fee $730) × 4 + Registration fee $100 = Total $6,780

*Local expenses such as SSP and Visa renewal fee are not included in the above example.
*If you’re considering studying abroad for a week, please contact us directly.


  1. Registration fee
    • Registration fee ($100) would be paid to the agency when student registers to WALES.
  2. Tuition fee
    • Payment of the student to the agent: 3 weeks before the student’s departure, tuition fee should be paid by the student to the agency’s bank account.
    • Remittance from agency to WALES: 1 week before student’s departure, the tuition fee should be remitted from agency to the WALES’ bank account.
    • Deposit slip should to be sent as scan, picture or data after the remittance.
    • Acceptance letter will be released after confirmation of remittance from agency to WALES’ bank account.
    • Cancelation might be implemented if the remittance from student to agency is delayed 3 weeks before student’s departure.
    • Students can not be accepted if the tuition fee has not yet been remitted to WALES bank account.


  1. Before departure
    • The student can avail full refund of his/her tuition fee if he cancelled it three (3) weeks before his/her departure.
    • The student can avail his refund but with $200 deduction from his/her tuition fee if he cancelled it within three (3) weeks before his departure.
  2. After departure
    • Students who arrived and planned to stay for 4 weeks cannot get any refund.
    • Students who decided to quit school before his/her planned departure can have 50% refund from the remaining weeks if he/she informs it within three (3) weeks of his stay though his/her first term is automatically forfeited.
    • Students cannot claim any refund if they informed it after three (3) weeks of stay in the school.
    • VISA, SSP, ACR-I Card and others which have been processed can not be refunded.
    • As for overhead(Water, electricity and internet…etc), entire amount can be refunded with calculating from remaining weeks.
    • Deposit can be given back unless there is damage on school’s property.
  3. Course changes
    • Refund will not be given when students change to cheaper program because of students’ preferences.
    • Refund would be paid by agencies when students can not proceed with their course because of their level and need to change their course to easier one within 3 weeks after students’ arrival.
  4. Other situation
    • Fifty percent (50%) of tuition fee from the remaining fee will be refunded for inevitable cases like :
      a. Death of the immediate family
      b. Any medical condition that requires immediate attention such as surgery, disabling or crippling diseases/allergies, and those that are not covered by medical services in the Philippines (with medical certificate).
    • Non-refundable :
      a. Minor allergies/sickness.
      b. Inability to cope with existing environment
      c. Mental health
      d. Students who got discount from the agent
      e. Kicked out