Chloe (21) Female, Korean

Student information:
– Name: Chloe
– Nationality: Korean
– Program: ESL and IELTS
– Duration: 24 weeks

Living in the Philippines was like looking glass into a hidden world. Since I don’t have any experience of studying abroad, everything I saw was fresh and perfect. I believe that my decision that I chose WALES to study English was right. I could considerably improve English skills in various parts (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking) and broaden my outlooks.

I stayed in WALES for approximately 6 months (from Feb. 6 to Aug. 1), and I had studied both ESL for 2 months and IELTS course for 4 months. Through ESL, I polished fundamentals and basic knowledge, so it was not difficult for me to study IELTS which method is totally different from TOEIC or OPIC. Unless there were qualified teachers who know students’ weaknesses and difficulties, I couldn’t be done and gave up. However, there were many teachers who supported me and close friends, so I completed my course. Furthermore, I was able to not only study hard but also map out a way forward, sensibly and rationally.

In brief, I am very grateful for all the teachers and friends, and I’ll never forget the day I stayed here.